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Behavior is an outward expression of what is going on inside.

  • Anger

  • Hurt

  • Pain

  • Fear

  • Frustration


Your child may be going through something they do not understand.

It could be the effects of death, divorce, adoption, learning disabilities, abuse, abandonment, peer abuse, or an entitlement mentality. 


One’s perception of reality drives their behavior.

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About Us


Parents Love Their Teens is a parent advocate organization. We help parents find the right options for the right reasons. Always free consultations.


NationWide Intervention Programs for Struggling Teens


A Letter From The Founder


Bad behavior usually ends up in Legal trouble starting with lying, cheating, stealing, bullying, and manipulating to get to the false world of instant gratification that your teen is trying to create for their selves.

It seems that we try to stop our teens from self-destructing, but the bottom line is, they have to want to.

We founded Parents Love Their Teens out of a passion and desire to serve other parents who face the same tough-love decisions we met years ago.

At a time when everything seems hopeless, not knowing what to do next, we can lay out options for you.

We partner with many quality programs. We are skilled at working with parents to identify and locate the right plan for the right reason.

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Remember, Good Parents sometimes have to make hard decisions to help their teens live a successful happy life.  You do not have to be alone, we can help you navigate through your choices.


Brande Sue