Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Parents Love Their Teens?

Parents Love Their Teens is a parent advocate group. We have made tough love choices for our own teens, and we use our experience to help parents make the best choices for their own teens. We are not owners or staff of any boarding school, treatment center, or any other intervention program. We work closely with you to find the best option for you and your teen.

+ What are intervention programs?

Intervention programs are therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, or summer programs designed to remove a teenager from harmful environments, provide structure, and shape positive behavior. Different programs have different philosophies and levels of therapy, which we can walk you through.

+ Where are your intervention programs located?

Parents Love Their Teens works with intervetion programs nationwide. However, in determining the best plan of care for your teen geography is low on our list of priorities. While we will take your considerations into account, we don't compromise our recommendations based solely on geography preferences.

+ How much do intervention programs cost?

Intervention programs work on a large spectrum of cost. This is a big reason why Parents Love Their Teens exists. Most programs do not list their price, and only disclose the price once you've called or emailed. After many years working with many different schools, the staff of Parents Love Their Teens know the prices of many programs. We work with you to find the best possible program that works within your budget.

+ Do intervention programs accept insurance?

Yes, some intervention programs accept insurance. As part of the process, we will have you fill out a verification of benefits form. We use this form to query your insurance about coverage.

+ Do you offer other options besides intervention programs?

Yes, Parents Love Their Teens also works with in-home coaching programs. We may recommend in-home coaching if it would benefit your teen better than an intervention program.

+ How much do your services cost?

Using Parents Love Their Teens as your advocate in navigating these decisions does not cost you anything, regardless of which solution we come to.